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What do I need to know about Showers??

Did you know...

Morris DIY is stocked with all types of showers from manual mixer showers to smart showers all at great value.

You will find these in our brand-new Bathroom showroom department along with other bathroom appliances.

Below you will find some helpful information for when you are choosing a new shower for your home.

What to think about when purchasing a new shower?

When purchasing a new shower, you will need to think about what type of domestic water system you have in your property and also what your water pressure is like.

If you have poor water pressure it will influence how powerful your shower is and will affect the type of appliance that you will need.

You can check your water pressure yourself by doing the following:

  • Place a 1 litre measuring jug under your shower and turn it on full timing how long it takes for the jug to fill up.
  • If it takes longer than 6 seconds – you have low water pressure.

You may want to ask a professional to check your water pressure also.

What type of water system do I have?

Generally, Irish homes are built with one of three types of water systems.

  1. Gravity fed systems are one of the most common types of water system. Usually, it features a cold-water tank in the loft space and a water cylinder in the siring cupboard. This may result in low water pressure but you can use a shower pump to increase it. One shower pump can actually feed 2-3 showers.
  2. Combi boiler systems usually feature a boiler with no tanks or water cylinders. It is designed to heat water when its needed. Combi boilers generally give the best possible water pressure and are compatible with a shower mixer to give hot water when required.
  3. An unvented system is where a water cylinder is heated by an immersion or boiler under high pressure. This allows large volumes of hot water to be supplied.

Types of Shower

  1. Manual mixer shower—Mixes hot and cold water supplies together manually. They are easy to fit and simple to use.
  2. Thermostatic mixer shower—Incorporates a thermostatic valve which keeps your water at a constant temperature. It is particularly suited to families with younger children or the elderly, as it reduces the risk of scalding.
  3. Electric shower—Quick and easy to fit, electric showers have their own heating element meaning only a cold-water supply is required.
  4. Power shower—Often confused with electric showers, due to their similar appearance, power showers draw from both your hot and cold-water supplies and contain an integral pump which boosts your water pressure for a more satisfying experience.
  5. Digital shower—An advanced form of thermostatic mixer, this type of shower uses digital technology to allow you to set an exact water temperature. With some models, you can even switch your shower on and off using a remote control or smart phone.
  6. Smart shower—The most advanced type of showering system on the market, a smart shower integrates seamlessly with smart home systems, like Amazon Alexa, so you can customise and control, even using voice activation.

Don’t forget about the style and look of your shower. It needs to suit your taste and needs to look well in your bathroom. There are lots of different valve controls, shower heads and rails to choose from. Why not come in-store and check out our brand-new bathroom showrooms for some inspiration.

Any questions you may have you can ask any member of the Bathroom department and we

will be happy to help and assist you or email sales@morrisdiy.com


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