Surf Lavender & Jasmine 120 Wash


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Surfs fragrance surprises and excites the senses whilst freshening laundry.
Lavender and Spring Jasmine has been carefully selected to ensure harmonious super cleaning powers that will envelop your laundry with long-lasting, fragrant freshness.
Lavender’s floral, sweet scent combined with its woody, pungent perfume is both stimulating and soothing. Its floral fragrance is believed to move the
mind to a meditative state. Jasmine’s warm, comforting and sweet scent is said to produce feelings of optimism, develop playfulness, improve confidence and evoke euphoria. Its
fragrance will lift your spirits and allow your imagination to run free.
Surf Lavender & Spring Jasmine powder is suitable for cold washes and for colours and whites. It delivers excellent fragrance and deep cleaning. Linen will benefit from a brilliant deep clean with a fragrant fresh smell that lasts.

  • Brilliant clean with long lasting fragrance
  • Enzymes for a deep clean
  • Essential oils with rich and soothing fragrance
  • Suitable for cold wash


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