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SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 is a new concept for the
control of rising damp. SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 is a
water repellent cream, packed in a 600 ml sausage or
300 ml cartridge. It is inserted into a series of holes
drilled into a mortar course of the masonry by means
of a simple application gun – no special injection pump
required. Once injected into the mortar course,
SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 will diffuse within the
damp wall to form a Damp Proof Course (DPC), will allow the wall to dry and block future rising damp.

SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 complies with the requirements of WTA Guideline 4-4-04/D “Injection of masonry in order to avoid capillary moisture content”.

SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 can be used to treat rising
damp in almost all types of masonry walls:
▪ Solid brick walls
▪ Cavity walls
▪ Random form stone and rubble infill walls, etc.

Easy to install (low risk for operative error, not so dependent on operative skills).

▪ 1-component, ready to use.
Fast to install (no ‘double drilling’, no waiting for liquid to penetrate under pressure or gravity).

No need for preliminary watertight sealing around
the injection holes (as with pressure systems).

Fast to inject (no waiting times required to pump in
the material compared to pressure injection systems
and no refilling as with gravity fed injection systems).

Consistent application rate (easy to calculate the
amount of material that will be required).

▪ Does not require a special expensive pump.
Spillage & mess virtually eliminated from the site (no
problem with fluids flooding through party walls, cavities or service ducts).

Concentrated formula with approx. 80 % active ingredients (introduces a lower quantity of inactive carrier into the wall – much more effective results compared to less concentrated materials).

Low hazard, water based – non-caustic, non-flammable – not injected under pressure.

▪ Very low wastage
▪ Small waste disposal
No risk of increased efflorescence (as with siliconate
rising damp treatments).