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X450 4 Burner Gas BBQ

The X450 4 burner gas BBQ is a top product in its class. This gas BBQ boasts features such as an extendable warming rack, a drinks holder, utensil hooks, and a bottle opener. Also, the gas grill features a robust enamel-coated hood and sink.


Sahara Grill insert System.

One of the unique features of this gas BBQ is the addition of the Sahara Grill Insert system. This modular system gives you a choice of cooking options depending on your family’s tastes. Let’s say you want to have a pizza night? Swap out the included cast-iron grill for the traditional style pizza stone. How about a succulent flame-grilled steak? The searing grill BBQ insert will take care of that. Who knew there were so many options for cooking on a gas BBQ!


Side Burner

The X450 4 burner gas BBQ comes with a side burner in addition to the four main high-powered burners. The advantage of this is you can add pan and pot cooking to your gas BBQ menu. Everyone loves to cook fish, especially on the pan. The difficulty is no-one likes the smell that remains in the kitchen. Having a side-burner on the X450 gas BBQ allows you to cook whatever fish you want. Because you are cooking outside, you no longer have to deal with the lingering aroma.


Panoramic Glass Viewing Window

Opening the hood is the biggest influence on heat loss on a gas BBQ. But we also need to keep an eye on the food, so sometimes opening up our gas BBQ is inevitable. The X450 4 Burner gas BBQ features a panoramic glass viewing window to allow customers to keep an eye on food without compromising the heat-retention. No longer do you have to guess to get the perfect BBQ.


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