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X350 3 Burner Gas BBQ

If you are looking for a 3 burner gas BBQ then look no further than the X350. This gas BBQ features 3 high-performance burners, a robust hood and sink, drinks holders, utensils hooks and that’s barely scratching the surface in terms of what this gas BBQ can offer!.


Sahara Grill insert System.

Imagine a gas BBQ that can cook pizza, sear steak, and stir-fried vegetables. All this choice is available on the X350 3 burner gas BBQ with the Sahara Grill Insert System. Instead of using the included cast-iron grill plate, swap it out for many different options depending on your taste.


Side Burner

The burgers are sizzling on the gas grill and almost ready to be eaten by your guests. But being the barbecue chef you want to present everyone with something delicious and unique. How about a slice of warm halloumi? You quickly whip out the pan and place it on the included side-burner, the cheese is fried in an instant. Job done! Mouth-watering burgers with pan fried halloumi! This is just one of the great ways to experiment with the side burner on the X350 gas BBQ.


Panoramic Glass Viewing Window

When cooking up a gas BBQ, sometimes you need to organise the whole operation to exact precision! When should the potatoes go on? How do you ensure the burgers don’t burn? This is precisely why we have designed the X350 3 burner gas BBQ with not just a solid hood, but with a panoramic viewing window as well. This way you can check on the food with a quick glance. Now you can focus on spending time on more important things; like catching up with your party


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