Indesit EcoTime Tumble Dryer | IDPE 845 A1 ECO | White


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The Indesit EcoTime IDPE 845 A1 ECO Heat Pump Tumble Dryer in white gives you 8kg of capacity with an A+ energy rating and programs tailored to get your favourite wares back into action quickly. Featuring Heat Pump Technology, cooler temperatures are used to dry your clothes so fibres experience less stress, pulling and friction. By using a clever repeat and recycle system, hot air is reheated and passed back through the drum over and over until your clothes are dry.

This means lower energy waste as you save up to 50% in energy compared to standard dryers. By using Sensor Drying, each load gets a tailored treatment. Helping to save you money and energy, the cycle stops when clothes are dry so you’ll only ever use the resources your need. With Anti-Tangle Rotation, Anti-Crease and Fast Iron settings, as well as cool temperature tumbling, clothes come out smoother and needing less time on the ironing board which is great news for busy households. And to offer the same brilliant drying quality to your trainers, this model also comes with a dedicated Shoe Rack, designed to slot inside the machine and provide the best air circulation.

By giving your trainers a dedicated accessory, there’s no more loud bangs to the side of the drum which can damage both your machine and shoes. Easily operated through the Digital Interface, the Indesit EcoTime IDPE 845 A1 ECO Tumble Dryer takes on every challenge, leaving your clothes and bedding irresistibly soft.


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