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What’s a Keybox?

The Smart Keybox is essentially a lockbox (or a mini safe). It is used as a secure storage space for keys, cards and the like for easy retrieval. No door alteration is needed as the igloohome Smart Keybox can be shackled onto firm structures or mounted on a wall. Unlike conventional lockboxes, smart lockboxes are definitely more convenient.

It’s best used when you need to grant access to a shared space. That’s why we’re the preferred partner of home-sharing platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway and BookingSync.

A must-have item for rental hosts, property owners and property managers of shared spaces, the Smart Keybox 2 ensures that key exchanges are a hassle-free experience.

This time, it comes with dual shackles for maximum versatility. Shackle it onto your doorknob or a door handle, the two shackle sizes allow the Smart Keybox 2 to fit most firm structures. Or simply mount it onto a wall!

In addition to that, it also has improved resistance to the elements! IP65 certified, the Smart Keybox 2 can withstand light rain and dust. Its hardened carbon steel material also improves durability and resistance to impact.

Just like the predecessor, the Smart Keybox 2 can be unlocked via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys. You’ll also be able to grant remote access with the accompanying igloohome app.