Bosch Freestanding Dishwasher | 12 Place | SMS24AW01G | White


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Product Description

ActiveWater technology

This innovative rinsing technology maximises efficiency and ensures environmentally friendly rinsing for excellent cleaning results. The water and energy is saved through targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation.


The LoadSensor function helps you save water and energy when washing fewer dishes.

EcoSilence DriveTM

To increase our cleaning efficiency we have developed the economical EcoSilence DriveTM. It is exceptionally quiet, efficient and guarantees low electricity consumption. The EcoSilence DriveTM works without brushes, is ultra silent and top results are automatically guaranteed.

Glass Protection technology

Glass protection for gentle care of your glasses and delicate crockery. Because soft water causes glass corrosion, Bosch dishwashers with glass protection regulate the water hardness. This is how we optimise the protection of valuable glasses and delicate china with special care requirements.

VarioSpeed option

Reduce the prgram time by half with optimum cleaning and drying results thanks to VarioSpeed.


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