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Brand New!

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We are proud to announce the gardening nursery outlet at Morris’s DIY has now officially been opened. Here you will find a team of experts, who have a great passion for growing and planting and would like nothing better than to help you find the right trees, plants and hedging for your garden.

We have a wide range of plants, seeds, pots and equipment to help get your thumbs as green as possible, without the hassle. Whether you’re looking for something in particular or just have an interest in plants, feel free to come in and have a wander.

Get the Green Thumb Out

Because all trees and plants are grown on site, we understand each plants individual need and can best on what will work for you and how to maintain it. Your garden will have never looked as good after your first visit to our garden section.

Our Services

At Morris’s DIY, we don’t just sell trees, plants and hedging, we also offer the services of our trained staff to help you with all your garden needs and questions.

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Our wide range of gardening tools will have you covered for even the most challenge of garden jobs. No matter if it’s for your own garden or a commercial project, we have you sorted at Morris’s DIY.