Builders Yard



Our yard is directly connected to our superstore. Which means less running around, all our stock is located in one place saving mileage.

Plumbing & Heating


Whether you are looking at a single apartment or a large building complex, you need to transport drinking water safely from the mains to the tap. Morris’s stock the latest from Wavin and Thermtek.

SNR Treated Timber

The SNR Treated CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) Timber is the timber used in the manufacture of timber framed homes. It is a planed all over product with eased edges for easier handling and is cut and graded to the highest standards. It is pressure treated with Tanalith E to improve resistance to rot and insect attack. This timber is also Grade 1 treated and FSC & EUTR certified.

It’s the knowledge of their stock that I was very impressed by.

Patrick Monaghan