The Man's Guide to Barbecuing by Morris's


The weather is picking up this summer and in Ireland we have to make the best of it with regular impromptu barbecues! Choosing the right barbecue is important and believe it or not impacts on the flavour of the finished meal. Morris's experts advise that a charcoal barbecue gives a better smoky flavour but a gas barbecue is much more convenient and easy to use.


What can you cook on a barbecue? You can grill most things over direct heat but sometimes it is better to cook indirectly. Big cuts of meat, entire chickens, anything dripping with fat — for these, shove all the coals to one side of the charcoal grill and use the opposite side, or, on a gas grill, use less flame and don't cook the food directly over it.


A covered grill is a hotter grill. Food cooked in a covered grill tastes smokier due to the trapped smoke. This is usually a good thing, but not always. Also, it's easier to overcook food when the grill is covered. Why? Because you can't see the food. If the lid is down its better to reduce the heat on a gas barbecue.

Every good barbecue takes a lot of preparation. A good way to oil your grill's grid before using: Chop an onion in half, dip the cut side in vegetable oil, and rub it all over the grid. For marinating meat use a resealable plastic bag. Basting meat with leftover marinade during cooking is a good idea. Using leftover marinade as a finishing sauce is not. Because of the raw-meat juice, of course.

To make the basic marinade mix together an oil (olive, vegetable, sunflower etc.), an acid (vinegar, lemon juice, yogurt, wine, etc.), herbs, and spices. Adding a smashed garlic clove never hurts. Always salt beef a good half-hour before grilling. You're not flavouring. You're tenderizing, and tenderizing takes time.

To clean your grill grate, use a little soapy water at the beginning of the season. Then hit it with a wire brush, when it's still warm, after each use. That's it. To test if the food is cooked properly, take a metal skewer and push into the centre of the food. Hold the skewer to your chin straight afterward and if it's cool, keep cooking. If it's warm, you're at medium-rare. If it's pretty hot, yank the food off the grill

Now for some cooking tips, be careful with tongs. Squeeze too tight and you squeeze the juice out. Same goes for manoeuvring using a fork or knife. Don’t press the burgers down with a spatula as they cook. Unless you like a dry hamburger.

Charcoal is ready when 80 percent of the coals are ash-gray. If the fire gets too weak (you can hold your hand just above the grill for four or five seconds), try pushing the coals closer together. If it's too hot (two seconds, max), spread the coals out and move your food to the edge. If the coals start to burn down and disappear, add more — but remember, that brings the temperature down, too.

The kebab was a wonderful invention. It's like a whole meal on a stick. A kebab secret: If you want the meat medium-rare, pack it tight on the skewer. For medium-well, space the pieces out. Don't forget that skewers get hot.

One inch is the best thickness for a steak (including fish steaks) or pork chop. It's the easiest to get right — a nice exterior crust, a juicy middle. That goes for lamb chops, too. And there is nothing like a grilled lamb chop. A little olive oil, salt, and pepper, and throw it on over high heat.

Chicken is tricky. It dries out, it burns, it's susceptible to slight differences in grill temperature. If you have a bunch of chicken pieces on the grill, flip them frequently and move them around the grill a lot according to which pieces are cooking fastest and where the grill is the hottest.

Don't forget about vegetables. Toss some thin asparagus with olive oil, salt, and pepper, throw it on, and it'll be done before you can go grab another beer. Delicious. Wrap small vegetables in a foil packet and rest it over high heat. Poke a few holes in the foil to let the smoky flavor in.

There is no fruit you can't grill (I don't think). Pineapples, bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, peaches — slice or cut in half, brush with melted butter and, if you want, brown sugar, and grill. There are few tastier desserts than grilled fruit, and somehow, it always surprises people.

Don't forget, after the barbecue that cooking the meat is not all the preparation that was done, there was also salad, potato salad, coleslaw, cooked onions, prepared skewers, dessert etc. When you are taking all the credit remember the hours of preparation other people (the wife) put in!

Now you are ready to tackle the barbecue and impress all of your family and friends! Call down to Morris’s summer sale where you can get excellent value and huge reductions on both gas and charcoal barbecues as well as garden furniture reductions. Visit or call 051 845200 for details.

Source Grilling for Dummies.


Morris's paint expert wins gold medal for Ireland


The feeling of victory is a wonderful thing and to represent one's own country and wear the green jersey is a once in a lifetime experience.  David Keohan, a native Waterford man and paint expert at Morris's DIY recently represented Ireland in the European Kettlebell championships and returned victorious with a gold medal!  


David was sponsored by Morris's to attend the event in Russia and is so thankful for their support, both financially and personally.  "I am so honoured to have represented Ireland and to have won the gold medal" said Keohan.  "I went out there with a cool head and a see how it goes attitude.  I have only been doing kettlebells for a few years and I never imagined that I would win.  I am overwhelmed and delighted, it hasn't sunk in yet.  I couldn't have done it without the support of Morris's"


David competed on a Wednesday morning and lined up with the other challengers to begin his kettlebell competition.  David comments "I felt good going into the competition and once it began I felt it was going well.  I could see the times of the challengers while I worked hard and I knew I was beginning to pull away.  I maintained my rhythm and by the time it was over I knew I had won.  The feeling of the rest of the Irish team running over to congratulate me was exhilarating."


Four hours after David’s fantastic victory he was awarded his gold medal.  A lot of hard work both exercising and watching his diet paid off that day when he stood on the top of the winners podium wearing the Irish flag and his truly earned medal.


David enjoyed his time in Russia and once he had competed he was lucky enough to remain on with the Irish team and see some of the local sites.   There  were also two other Waterford native gold medal winners at the European Championships, Kitty Hartery who set a new world record and Elaine Farrell.  


David has now returned to work at Morris’s paint department but is still basking in the joy and glory of being a European champion.  He plans to take a few days off and a family holiday before training for the world championships in Germany this November begins.


Morris’s CEO Seamus Reynolds comments “I would like to thank David Keohan for being such an excellent ambassador for Morris’s DIY and indeed Waterford and wish him the very best of luck in the world championships, he is definitely one to watch!”  David celebrates 10 years at Morris’s this year, what better way to mark the occasion than with a gold medal.  


If you would like gold standard advice on your paint visit Morris’s DIY and chat to David Keohan or any of the other trained and experienced paint staff.  Alternatively call 051 845200 or and don’t miss their big one day sale this June 14th.



Morris's DIY to sponsor Ireland Kettlebell champion in World Championship

Morris's is excited and proud to be helping staff member David Keohan to travel to the World Kettlebell championship in St Pertersburg this May. David, one of Morris's paint experts and a member of the Tramore kettlebell club, qualified for the championship after winning the nationals just three weeks ago.

The kettlebell sport is known as "Girevoy sport" and is the national sport of Russia so David will be in for some tough competition. The championship is set to last four days. David will have to lift two 24kg kettlebells over his head, one in each hand. Unlike olympic lifting however, which is performed for one repetition of the highest weight possible, kettlebell lifting involves lifting a fixed weight continuously for the highest number of repetitions in a time period. David is in the 78kg weight division, which means he will be lifting the equivalent of two thirds of his body weight.

David is a testament that anyone can take to a sport regardless of his or her age. At just 32 he took up kettle bells and now just after two years of training he has won the national event. David's training regime consists of working with kettle bells for two hours, four days a week. He also runs from eight to twelve kilometres twice a week.

When asked how he feels about representing his country David commented, "I am delighted and honoured to be an ambassador for my country. I feel I have reached my physical peak now at 34 and it is encouraging to think that after only two years I have come so far. I'd like to thank Morris's for sponsoring me and if anyone needs paint lifted to their car I am your man!"

If you would like to keep up to date with David Keohan's progress at the world kettlebell championships, follow morris's facebook or twitter pages: and @morrisdiy



Morris’s Top 10 Must Have Spring Products


1: Juicer

The festive season has come to a close and although all of us enjoyed the excesses, we are now left with the extra pounds.  Well, if the juice diet is good enough for the celebrities it is good enough for us!  Morris’s has a range of juicers to suite all budgets.  The best seller is the Breville whole fruit juicer at €129.99.  It collects the pulp after juicing and there is little preparation involved before juicing.  You will be looking slim in no time!


2: Steamer

If your new year’s resolution is to eat healthy the steamer is for you.  It retains the vitamins in your food as well as avoiding the unnecessary addition of fats in cooking.  The steamer is so popular that Whirlpool has integrated a steamer into their MAX35 microwave for added convenience.  This is available at Morris’s for €149.99.


3: Steam Mop

Spring cleaning time is upon us so what better cleaning product than the steam mop.  It has become very popular in recent years due to its ability to clean stubborn dirt.  It is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces including tiles, grout, wooden floors, carpets and even windows.  The steam kills most bacteria eliminating the need for detergent and making the steam cleaner more environmentally friendly.  The Morphy Richards 2 in 1 steam mop, reduced from €119.99 to €89.95 at Morris’s, comes with various interchangeable heads for floors and windows and also converts to a hand held steamer.


4: Vacuum Cleaner

There is nothing more frustrating than hauling the vacuum cleaner out only to discover it is blocked, the bag is full or it just won’t pick up any dirt.  It might be time to invest in a new vacuum cleaner. Since their invention the bagless vacuum cleaner has been very popular allowing the vacuum cleaner to maintain a high level of suction.  Dyson vacuums also come with many other features to allow easy manoeuvrability and cleaning of curtains and upholstery.  Dyson Vacuum cleaners are available at Morris’s including The Dyson Animal DC19 T2 which is reduced from €349.99 to €249.



5: Storage

Spring cleaning in most houses is a huge de-cluttering exercise, especially if you have young kids.  It’s time to organise the playroom or bedrooms, sort out the garage, tidy the attic or store the summer clothes.   Storage can be a problem in most houses but it doesn’t need to cost the earth.  There are many stackable storage boxes and shelving units available at Morris’s including a novelty pirate storage chest for only €13.99


6: Stove

The cold weather has reared its ugly head over the past weeks causing us to look at our heating systems.  If you currently have an open fire consider all the heat that is being lost up your chimney and therefore the waste of solid fuel.  Economies can be made by installing a stove as well as making your living room cosier.  Morris’s is the official Waterford Stanley stove centre where you can view Stanley stoves to suit all budgets and requirements.  Morris’s staff are trained to help you find your ideal stove like the most popular Stanley Oisin in matt black for €449.


7: Insulation

This is the time of year you realise you need more insulation.  If your house is not adequately insulated heat will escape through the roof or walls.  This heat wastage will cost you more to heat your house.  Adequately insulating your home will save you money in the long run.  Pipes and tanks also need to be properly insulated so that water doesn’t freeze in your attic when passing through them.  This will save on long term plumbing costs.  Morris’s has an extensive range of insulation products such as Knauf 200m Earthwool loftroll for €13.95 and 3 pack loft panels 1.17sq metres for €10.99.  Should you require any advice on insulation or help calculating materials required contact the team at Morris’s.


8: Paint

No spring clean is complete without a lick of paint.  Paint can make a room appear cleaner and fresher.  Choosing colours and textures of paint can also enhance your room.  Paint mixing has come a long way too allowing you to match paint with fabric colours.  It is worth looking at paint suppliers’ websites such as Dulux or Crown to get some inspiration and advice.  Morris’s has a dedicated team of paint experts in store at their specially dedicated paint counter should you require any advice free of charge.



9: Security Camera

Security is paramount in the home at all times but increasingly so when the evenings are dark early.  With the light fading at around 5pm it is important that the outside of your home is well lit up and you have adequate security systems in place.  While monitored alarms are an excellent deterrent you may choose to go a step further and install your own security camera system.  Morris’s carry an impressive range of high quality security products such as the Konig digital wireless security camera system for €239.99


10: Coffee Machine

When you have completed all your spring cleaning tasks you can rest and relax in front of your stove with a nice cup of professionally brewed coffee.  De Longhi coffee machines is quickly becoming the ultimate treat for all coffee lovers with a vast range of models to choose from like the De Longhi combi 10 cup coffee machine available at Morris’s for €199.99.  Now put your feet up and wait for summer to arrive!



Christmas Electrical Event at Morris’s 7th December


Morris’s DIY will be holding another great customer event on Saturday 7th December with the view to officially launching their Expert Electrical Department and wishing their customers a Happy Christmas.

Morris’s expanded into electrical products in 2013 with Expert Ireland, Ireland’s largest electrical retailer. The store now has a large state of the art department along with two well-known and highly experienced customer service staff, Sandra Power and Noel Murphy.

Doors will open at 8am and there are sure to be queues of eager customers waiting to take advantage of the one day sale with massive savings on TVs, tablets, coffee machines, large and small kitchen appliances and more. In the afternoon, WLR will be broadcasting in the store with lots of spot prizes and there will also be free face painting. For the coffee lovers the Java Republic coffee cart will be in the store.

Sandra, who is part of the Morris’s Expert electrical team and has over 15 years experience in the electrical retail industry comments “We are delighted to be part of the Expert electrical group. The product range, quality and value we can offer is excellent. Customers who buy with us also have the added security of their warranty and an after sales service. I enjoy taking time with customers and making sure they get the best product to suit their needs and budget.”

Morris’s spirit of giving doesn’t end after the big one day sale, they will also be running a competition with WLR fm before Christmas and giving away a Panasonic 50” SMART TV worth €899. Tune in to WLR fm and like the Morris’s facebook page for more information. For more information on the one day sale on 7th December visit




Morris’s is having a party, you are getting the gifts!

Morris’s Builders Providers is nothing short of an institution in Waterford having been established in 1983.  Thirty years on, Morris’s still enjoys the support of the local community.  To celebrate its 30th birthday, Morris’s is having a party on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September at its Cork Road premises and this is one event you don’t want to miss. 


With a determined focus on rewarding their loyal customers, Morris’s will be giving away €1000 in vouchers each to 3 lucky winners on WLR fm.  In order to display the company’s gratitude to the local community, the lucky winners can choose vouchers for any business, with the stipulation that they must be local.  


During the 30th birthday celebration event on 20th and 21st September, Morris’s will be picking customers at random to take part in a trolley dash, giving them an opportunity to win a trolley full of Morris’s goodies!  So, when you are shopping at Morris’s that weekend, be sure to wear your runners.


In addition to competitions, Morris’s will be giving customers free gifts.  Once customers spend over €250 at the store that weekend, they will be entitled to a choice of free gifts.  The value of the free gifts depends on the amount spent.  More details of the gift values can be found on the Morris’s website or on their facebook page


As if this isn’t enough, there will be lots for the family to enjoy during the celebration weekend including the Dulux dog who will be at the store from 2pm to 4pm on Friday and 12pm to 2pm on Saturday.  There will also be free face painting and balloon modelling at the store on Saturday from 12pm.  Trolley Dashes will run at random times over the 2 days and are sure to be great fun!


Don’t miss the big 30th celebration at Morris’s this September.  For more information visit their website.  Morris’s would like to take this opportunity to thank their customers for 30 years of loyalty and support.  Here’s to 30 more!



Damp Walls, Wet Walls, Mould, and Mildew: Problem Solved with Morris’s!

The Problem:
Whether you have damp or wet walls, with or without ugly mould or mildew spots, it is an unpleasant environment to live in. It is now a well established fact that mould in your home is a health risk, especially if you have any repertory problems. 


The Cause:

There are two main causes why walls become wet and mouldy: Condensation (which is the most likely cause) and water coming in from the outside / or up from the ground, usually described as rising damp.

Condensation on walls, frequently described as damp walls, is caused when air moisture comes into contact with a cold surface – like breathing on to a cold mirror...turns 'foggy'' which, if continued, turns into water droplets. This moisture comes from various sources, wet or damp clothes left on a radiator to dry, a boiling kettle, and of course one of the main sources... the exhaled breath of the room's occupants.

Some customers ask, where does this moisture go if it does not form as wetness on the wall? The best way to explain this is go back to our simple analogy above re mirror... if you breathe on to your own hand... being relatively warm, the air does not turn into moisture on your hand... it stays in the vicinity in the air.

Inadequate or no ventilation in the room will add significantly to that problem. Air moisture collects on the coldest surface within the room (usually windows & inside of external walls) where it then appears as wet or damp. 
Apart from window glass, uninsulated or poorly insulated walls are usually the first places condensation will occur.


Mould / mildew is a toxic living fungus that inevitably comes ‘to live’ on damp walls or wet walls because it is a suitable environment for it to grow on. Good for them - bad for you! Mould in bathrooms, mould on ceiling all comes from condensation on walls etc. 

For bathrooms, given the fact that a huge amount of moisture from the steam is present, during showers especially, you should ensure that an adequate extractor is fitted to remove the bulk of that steam / moist air. If you don't have a proper extractor, at the very least open the window.

The Solution:

Insulating Paint

Removing mould from walls is not a problem. At Morris’s, we find the best solution is to apply three coats of Thermilate Warmcoat Advanced to the wall (€76.99 for 5 litres will cover all the walls and ceilings in an average 12 x 9 sq ft. box bedroom)  but first make sure you prepare the wall properly by killing & removing the mould as follows.


Using a sponge, mop or similar, apply a half & half mixture of bleach and water or other appropriate mould killer to all the mouldy areas. Leave it there for about 15 minutes to ‘soak in’ and properly kill any mould spores in the walls pores. Next, using clean water and a sponge wash off the mould and clean the wall well. Allow a few days to dry. Open windows; consider using a dehumidifier for several days if very damp.


Next to "mould proof" the wall, apply three coats of Thermilate Warmcoat Advanced Insulating Paint allowing enough drying times between coats. Although Thermilate is a water based low odour coating, please ensure proper ventilation and reasonable room temperature to dry the Thermilate Warmcoat between coats. You will find a roller better than a brush but you’ll need a brush for tight corners etc. If possible apply between radiator and wall also. Thermilate Warmcoat is easy to apply; it goes on like any good quality interior emulsion.

Generally speaking and based on extensive feedback from Morris’s customers, the Thermilate Warmcoat Advanced Insulating paint / process above will usually get rid of dampness and mould reappearing on your walls.  For more advice on treating mould or any other paint related problems, contact the paint department in Morris’s Builder Providers & DIY.



Job Creation in Morris’s DIY as new Expert Electrical Department launched

Job Creation in Morris’s DIY as new Expert Electrical Department launched

Finally, some good news on the home front with regards to job creation and expansion!  Morris’s DIY has launched a new high spec Expert Electrical department, stocking hundreds of new products from televisions to large and small kitchen appliances.  The Expert brand is extremely strong with 61 retailers nationwide and is well known for offering the best quality electrical brands to customers at very competitive prices.


Seamus Reynolds, CEO of Morris’s said that the introduction of the new electrical department was a result of listening to customer needs and offering them the best possible value.  Seamus comments “At Morris’s we took the time to find the right products at the right price so that our customers receive what they are looking for.  Our customers are crucially important to us.  We also understand how important excellent service is so we have gone out of our way to find the right staff for our expert electrical department.”


Morris’s new electrical department has created two openings within the company for highly trained and knowledgeable electrical consultants.  Sandra Power takes up one of these new positions.  Sandra is originally a native of Woodlawn Grove in Waterford city but shows tremendous dedication to her job traveling daily from Carlow where she now resides.  Sandra comes from a long line of prominent political figures in Waterford including councilors Pat Browne, Tom Browne and “Fad” Browne. 


Ms. Power has 25 years sales experience within the retail environment and also boasts 16 years working in an electrical department.  Sandra’s past experience includes working for Waterford based Sherwoods Digital covering Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow. 


Ms. Power, who is excited to be part of the Morris’s team comments; “The Expert Electrical brand is so well respected for its product quality and prices.  Customers will get the best of everything: the best electrical brands at the right price with guarantees and insurance options.  I think when customers come into Morris’s and see what Expert has to offer they will be pleasantly surprised.”


Noel Murphy, a native of Kilmacow, takes up the second of the new electrical department positions at Morris’s.  Noel hails from the well known Murphy family of Grannagh and is a familiar face in Waterford having worked in Kelly and Dollard for 15 years.  Noel is also respected for his significant involvement with all types of martial arts over the years.


Mr. Murphy comments “I am delighted to be part of the Morris’s team and to showcase the Expert brand.  I would like to thank all my loyal customers with whom I have built business relationships that have stood the test of time.  I also look forward to creating new customer relationships.  I am delighted to advise any customer or business on what technology suits their needs best and offer excellent service and quality.”


Noel handled both corporate and retail customer accounts in the past as well as stocking and running electrical departments so his vast experience speaks for itself.  Both Noel and Sandra welcome any individual or business, both small and large, to visit Morris’s and meet with them.  One to one consultations are available and Morris’s are committed to finding the best solution to your electrical needs.


Not only is it a big year for Morris’s due to the expansion of their electrical department but the company is also 30 years in business.  A huge celebration is in the planning along with a competition where one lucky winner will win a very significant prize!  Customers can keep up to date with news, competitions and events by liking the Morris’s facebook page on  For more information or to book a consultation with our Expert electrical team contact 051 845200.



Morris's is 30 years in Business this year!  Here is a newspaper article from the old days!


10 Steps to a New Kitchen, On a Budget!

With Huw Rees, Morris’s DIY’s kitchen and flooring expert.


  1. Paint your existing cabinets

It is amazing what a lick of paint can do, and thankfully, coloured kitchens are very popular at the moment.  You can transform the look of your kitchen with nothing but some paint, basic tools and lots of hard work!  Locally owned Morris’s DIY can advise you on how best to spruce up your existing kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.


  1. Change your work top

You would be surprised how doing something as simple as changing your kitchen worktop can freshen up a dated kitchen.  You can choose from Morris’s extensive range of worktops, from laminate to granite, depending on your budget.  Just bring the measurements of your kitchen into the Morris’s dedicated showroom and chat to one of their skilled staff on what would suit you and your kitchen best in terms of style, practicality for your lifestyle and value for money.


  1. Change your kitchen floor

Kitchens date but it is important to also take a look at your flooring.  Linoleum was very fashionable in the 1970’s for example but trends change with tiles and wooden floors being more popular now.  Perhaps something as simple as changing your kitchen floor would be enough to breathe life into an old kitchen.  Morris’s has an excellent range of flooring at good value prices.  They are even offering 20% off flooring until the end of January.


  1. Improve your kitchen storage

Is your kitchen cluttered so much that you are not appreciating the beautiful kitchen that actually exists?  You need more storage.  Consider adding shelving or storage solutions into drawers and cabinets so that you can access wasted space. 


  1. Create a feature wall

Adding a feature wall to an existing kitchen draws the eye to one section and adds definition to the room.  There are masses of beautiful wallpaper that could be used to create a feature effect.  Morris’s DIY are currently slashing prices on the much sought after Graham and Brown coloured wallpaper while stocks last so it is certainly worth considering.  Alternatively, building a stone or brick wall around a stove or range dramatically alters the look and feel of a kitchen. 


  1. Change your existing cabinet doors and handles

You might think you need a new kitchen but often times the shell of your kitchen cabinets are in good condition and all you need are new doors!  You can bring your measurements or even a sample of your old cabinet doors into the skilled staff at Morris’s where their kitchen specialists can create new made to measure doors, to transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.


  1. Liven up your kitchen with new accessories

It really is easy to change the look of a kitchen through the use of accessories.  Just decide on a colour scheme or theme and introduce clever accessories that complement each other.  Some ideas would be choosing tableware, vases, clocks, pictures and other accessories to match the paint or decide on a theme such as country French and carry it through your kitchen. 


  1. Use new fabrics

The use of fabrics in a kitchen can add a depth and softness to the room.  Consider fitting patterned blinds or curtains.  Other fabrics could include tablecloths, chair covers or cushions.  If you are handy with a sewing machine you could actually dramatically change the look of your kitchen at very little cost.  But remember to shop locally when buying your fabrics!


  1. Buy new appliances

New appliances can modernise any kitchen, especially when they match.  Installing colour coordinated small appliances such as kettles, toasters etc. can work well in picking up on colour themes.  Large appliances are also available in various designs and colours, be it modern or rustic, and they can add to the theme and design of a kitchen while being practical.  Morris’s stocks a wide range of kitchen appliances from small appliances, cookers, stoves, fridges, washing machines etc.   If you are upgrading or changing your kitchen, speaking to Morris’s specialist advisors is a must.  Morris’s advisors are trained to measure your kitchen so that appliances are expertly chosen to both fit physically and work with the theme and design of your kitchen.


  1. Morris’s kitchens in sale

Morris’s does a wide range of excellent value fully fitted kitchens in their Cork Road showrooms.  Often, there are extra costs when buying a kitchen such as fitting costs.  Being a proud local Waterford company, Morris’s has decided to offer their customers free fitting of any kitchen, or indeed wardrobe, purchased from them over the value of €1000!  This offer ends 31st January and equates to a saving of €1800 for an average kitchen. 


So, if your kitchen needs a revamp, Morris’s has a wide range of options to suit any budget.  Visit our kitchen showroom on the Cork road, Waterford to gain free valuable advice or call Huw on 051 845200 for more details.



Morris's Christmas Competition 2012

Congratulations to Roisin Regan from Dunmore East who was the winner of our Christmas Competition in association with WLR fm!



Morris’s Advice Corner: Insulation with Stephen Brenner

Don’t get caught out by the big freeze, insulate

The winters seem to be getting colder and out pockets are getting shallower so it makes sense to insulate your attic, saving you energy and therefore money. Various cost effective energy saving opportunities exist, which through reducing your electricity bills and fuel bills, can pay for themselves in a relatively short time. Morris’s Builders Providers can provide you with the expert advice to insulate your attic as well as excellent value on insulation materials.

Save up to 20% on your home heating bill

By insulating your attic well, you can save as much as a whopping 20% on your home heating bill! Morris’s can advise you how to insulate your attic to the optimum level as well as provide you with excellent value products.

If your attic insulation is currently less than 200mm then you should add further layers.

Install the attic insulation between the joists and a layer over running in the opposite direction, typically 100mm between the joists and 200mm over depending on the depth of the joist or install a layer of 150mm and a layer of 150mm over.

Safety when insulating

Some insulation materials irritate your skin & throat so when installing, wear a mask, gloves, goggles, and disposable overalls when handling such materials. Morris’s Builders Providers have an extensive range of safety materials in store. Our expert advisers can advise you on what materials are necessary for your project.

Insulation Instillation tips

Care must be taken to avoid standing between the joists or your foot will be likely come through the ceiling. Make sure the attic is clear before starting. Leave a gap at the eaves so that air can flow through the attic via the soffit. For added energy saving, install a multi layer foil top up insulation Superquilt to the rafters, attach this directly to the rafters with a staple gun sealing any joints with a foil tape.

Don’t forget to insulate your water tank

There is nothing worse than not having hot water, so be sure to insulate your water storage tank with a water tank jacket. Be sure to insulate your pipes with semi split pipe insulation too, as pipes can freeze if they are not insulated and cause a blockage in the water system.

Morris’s Insulation Materials

• Attic insulation is available in the following thicknesses:
• 100mm @ €21.95 per roll 10.45sq mt,
• 150mm @ €18.50 per roll 6.87sq mt per roll
• 200mm @ €19.50 per roll 5.93sq mt (Knauf earthwool loftroll insulation)
• Split pipe insulation from €1 per ½ “2m length
• Water tank jacket €35
• 5 pack dust masks €1.51
• Stanley leather gloves €16.97
• Blackspur safety goggles €1.27
• Expert disposable overalls €5.99
• 2” foil back tape €8.65 • Superquilt multi layer foil top up insulation €155
• Staple gun with staples from €9.99

Contact us for more Expert Advice Call into Morris’s store located at The Manor, Cork Road and speak to Stephen Brenner, our insulation expert. You can also find out more about Morris’s, including information on our current special offers, on our new website on or email us at